• 30.11.2019
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Terisar | 02.12.2019
That's exactly what they're doing. That thing in Georgia passed, where they are saying that any woman can face up to 99 years in prison, even if she has a miscarriage and is found to be "liable" in causing it. As if having a miscarriage isn't bad enough, now those women will have to face a judge and jury who will decide if she caused it or not. WTF is going on?! What's next? Burning women at the stake for being witches? Is this 2019 or 1692?
Taurisar | 05.12.2019
hi add me
Magis | 06.12.2019
Plus u r so fucking nice the beginning of this vid. Xoxo
Shakak | 09.12.2019
Aww thanks hun
Bragami | 09.12.2019
Thank you so much! Hard to find movie

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